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    Emergencies: 24/7
    M-F: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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Founded in 2002 by Brendan Lally, our number one goal from inception has been to change the long infamous fire alarm narrative. We don’t want our customers to dread anything to do with their fire alarms. There is nothing to fear and the experience can be a pleasant one, when done the right way.

We strive to provide a top quality product, to explain all of the steps thoroughly to our customers, to stand behind our products and our installation, and to always have our existing customers be our main source of new work. IRL Systems main source of new business is through the many referrals that we receive from satisfied clients.

We started out doing Security and Fire Alarm systems, but over the years we became known for our expertise in fire alarm systems. Three years ago, we decided it was time to start focusing all of our time and effort in training and management of fire alarm systems.

Our philosophy is “Master of One” instead of “Jack of All, Master of None”.

We have slowly been phasing our security services since then, still supporting our existing customers, but not taking on any new security projects. We have been part of the Edwards Fire Alarm family since 2003, when we became Mirtone distributors, which morphed into Vigilant, and most recently and currently, the Kidde Line.

In 2017, we were invited to begin training and installing the main EST product line, and were recognized by Edwards as a company that they respected, aligned with, and valued as the type of partner capable of carrying their name and history.

In mid 2019, the much anticipated EST4 was released. EST3 has been the most widely used fire alarm system in the united states over the last 20 years, and EST4 is the latest greatest in that line, with higher protection levels, faster download speeds, higher levels of network security, among many other industry leading options, it’s the one to beat.

We pride ourselves and our business values, we go against the industry grain, we do not enforce long term contracts, in fact we feel they are fundamentally wrong. Our customers work with us because they want to. They are not chained to us, nor should they be. We fight for them every day, through our consistent efforts to exceed their expectations. Give us a try, you wont be tricked into a five year contract. They don’t exist here. Our history says, once you become our client, you’ll stay for the long haul.


Brendan Lally

Brendan started IRL in 2002 and has well over 28 years in the fire alarm industry. Brendan studied Electronic Engineering in TU Dublin, Institute of Technology. He holds an S97 Certificate of Fitness with the FDNY and NICET Level III. An avid runner, he enjoys booking races in different destinations as a way to explore new places and maintain his running skills. Brendan has been married to his wife Sinead for over 21 years and they have two cherished kids, Finn and Claire. With work recognized by multiple awards.

Victoria Weaver

Victoria has been a key member of IRL since 2008. She oversees daily operations and focuses on all financial functions of the company. She has extensive experience in streamlining operations and a dedication to company growth. Victoria is always thinking about new ways to develop and maintain a team atmosphere and make the work environment more enjoyable. She holds a BA from Hofstra University and MSEd from Fordham University.
Marsel Jegeni

Marsel Jegeni

Marsel is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in overseeing the delivery and support of fire alarm systems at IRL Systems. During his career spanning since 2007, Marsel has continuously demonstrated his commitment to excellence and innovation within IRL Systems. With expertise in fire safety technology, he provides expert guidance to installation, technical, and operations teams, ensuring optimal resource allocation and recommending appropriate actions for fire alarm solutions. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's approach to fire alarm systems, leveraging his extensive experience and staying informed of the latest advancements in fire safety technology. Marsel's longevity with the company underscores his deep-rooted dedication and loyalty, making him a trusted leader and invaluable asset within the organization.
Patric Waage

Patrick Waage

Operations Manager
Patrick coordinates, monitors, and improves fields service activities for IRL Systems. He provides support and guidance to service personnel who perform on-site routine services including installation, maintenance, and repair and ensures fields services are effective and customers’ requirements are met.
Granit Gjyriqi

Granit Gjyriqi

Granit's tenure of over ten years at IRL Systems, exemplifies his dedicated commitment and expertise within the company. His certifications, including EST3 and EST4, underscore his proficiency and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in fire alarm system technology. As the lead technician on IRL Systems' inaugural EST4 project, Granit showcased his leadership and technical ability, contributing significantly to the successful implementation of cutting-edge fire alarm solutions. His extensive experience and specialized certifications, position him as a valuable asset in driving innovation and excellence within the company.
Kastriot Mehmetaj

Kastriot Mehmetaj

Installation Manager
Kastriot, a member of the team at IRL Systems since 2009, reflects his unwavering dedication and expertise within the company. In his role overseeing large installation projects, he plays a crucial part in ensuring their seamless execution, efficiency, and safety. Kastriot's commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail contribute to the successful completion of complex projects, while his leadership fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability within the installation teams. His extensive experience and proactive approach make him an invaluable asset in driving the company's success and delivering exceptional results to clients.
Andrea Maniscalco

Andrea Maniscalco

Sales and Project Coordinator
Andrea has been at IRL Systems since 2010 and has operated across multiple departments since joining the team, filling various roles as needed. Currently her main focus is in project estimating, but she also works to coordinate all aspects of ongoing jobs from start to finish. Andrea holds a B.S from the University of Miami and a M.S. from the College of William and Mary.
Rey Torres

Rey Torres

Project Manager
Rey has been with IRL for over two years as a Project Manager. He started his career as a fire alarm installer and transitioned into a PM role after three years within the industry. He now has 8 years of industry experience, is NICET II certified and holds a B.A. in Operations Management from Baruch College. He is our liaison between our clients and field operations. His diversified background provides him with a unique perspective/approach.
Alina Kupriyanova & Lorenc Shaba

Alina Kupriyanova & Lorenc Shaba

CAD Team
Our CAD Team is comprised of highly skilled design professionals that have over 42 years combined experience in drafting, design, AutoCAD, and electrical engineering. They are experts at creating and modifying complex technical drawings and plans.